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Yearning for profitability goals, but can’t get an appropriate way? Then you must go with Pay Per Click services by Greenpitech. PPC is a reliable and result oriented revenue driver that hike up your traffic and ultimate customer base. By managing the keywords and greatly converting landing page, we help you generate thousands of leads, and grow customer base right away. Pay heed on our PPC services that will let you get maximum output miraculously.

Here is what all we can provide:
  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Advertising Management
  • Twitter Advertising Management
  • LinkedIn Advertising Management
  • YouTube Advertising Management
  • Bing Advertising Management
  • Mobile PPC Management
  • Display Advertising Management
  • Remarketing Management Services
Greenpitech decipher the importance to reach the maximum audience and for that deliver excellent PPC services at your disposal.

How Does Our Cost Per Click Ads Directly Help You Getting Maximum Lead?

The costs per click ads, navigate the buyer directly to the seller’s point and show up the entire details regarding that product. It’s quite different from text ads in many terms as you can directly behold the product in Google shopping ads and can even directly go for purchasing. Greenpitech prepare exotic and alluring ads to directly grab users’ attention and captivate them to click and buy your product. Cost per click campaign surely maximize your sales by providing desired outcomes.

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Our Hallmark lies in:

  • MAXIMIZING CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Discovering new leads instantly by targeting those who have a keen interest in your products and engaging existing customers who have earlier visited your website.
  • KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR PERFORMANCE – You can easily measure your performance and outcomes by using Google Display Advertising. Generate more leads, product awareness, increased sales, and can easily promote the brand.
  • MORE CLICKS! MORE LEADS! – Appealing ad formats will give your customers a reason to click and visit your site. Once they visit, your appealing offers will never let them go and turn easily in your loyal customers.

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Greenpitech will help you turn your prospects into customers easily. These customers are more likely to covert as permanent customers than the fresh ones if targeted in the right way.

Our PPC Campaign Deliver You Wide Plethora of Services. Go Through These:

Google Ads Management

Google Ads management helps you getting found easily and quickly by your customers. It’s a great and reliable media to extract better quality leads, boost up limitless traffic, and promote local and online inventory. You need to pay only when the customers click on it. We manage all your ads in the required way and let you succeed in the market.

Facebook Advertising Management

Our brilliance lies in not just creating and optimizing, but to effectively manage all Facebook ads. Our professionals design the Facebook ads by keeping tiniest details in consideration such as audience interest, gender or region to target, etc. Our campaign assists you in getting maximum clicks that can be converted easily into the leads. Facebook advertising can miraculously bring desired results instantly.

Twitter Advertising Management

This advertising management targets large consumer segments by serving with best-framed tweets and relevant hashtags. Twitter is not just for engagement and brand awareness, instead of Twitter Ads also serve the best purpose. The promotional campaigns on Twitter prove quite fruitful and result oriented. You can easily advertise the brand and products in a live environment which in turn provide instant results by achieving business mottos.

LinkedIn Advertising Management

Although the user base of LinkedIn is less comparing Facebook and Twitter, however, it directly targets the businesses at large. It considerably raises on-site time. It’s a great way to target a particular audience in a professional way. It instantly boosts up brand strength and delivers the best results. We manage and prepare LinkedIn advertisements to target the audience in the best possible way.

YouTube Advertising Management

In YouTube advertising, conversion rate gets hooked up as the public notice the ads prevailing on their favorite videos for sure. We bring the best ads prepared by our experts that are short in duration, but delivers the complete message to the public at large. We manage it perfectly and set the ads in preferred searches of the target audience so that your message can be quickly delivered to them.

Bing Advertising Management

Dominate search results in the way you want by resorting to bing advertising management. It’s a great opportunity to reengage your customers spreading worldwide as it drives considerable traffic volume to your site. Bing ads are always underestimated by the companies, however it’s also a great way to target a wide audience and turn them into your leads. We know all the tactics and let you succeed within no time.

Display Advertising Management

This interesting feature will let you visible whenever people browse online or check Gmail or use any app or watching YouTube or any online activity will let your brand visible to them. Its capacity to reach a worldwide audience is outstanding and it can easily reach out to 90% of users using news pages, blogs or millions of other websites.

Mobile PPC Management

Mobile devices are used by each & everyone today. So, it’s a great way to make your brand visible on them with professional mobile PPC management. This augments repeat customers and lets them become your loyal prospects forever. The mobile web is developing at a fast pace and so mobile PPC management services are high on demand. We know all the pros & cons and know the ways to bring you to the top.

Remarketing Management Services

Have your prospects forgot you? Then Google Remarketing will save your time and remind them about you. Yes, it’s a great way to recover back 95% of the entire leads easily with the help of Google Remarketing. It’s a smart technique to recover those users who have earlier visited the site by displaying the ads. It’s just like a reminder for them that persuading your leads to visit you again.

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